Green Life Property Services provides a wide range of lawn care services to customers in the Clay County, Florida and surrounding areas at affordable prices. Want to start your career with us? Apply below today!

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Welcome to Green Life Property Services, where we're passionate about transforming properties into eco-friendly, sustainable havens. Located in the heart of Orange Park, Florida, and proudly serving Clay County, we specialize in environmentally conscious lawn care, landscaping, and property services.

Our dedicated team is committed to nurturing your outdoor spaces while minimizing the environmental impact. At Green Life, we embrace nature-friendly practices, utilizing organic solutions and efficient techniques that promote lush, thriving landscapes without compromising the Earth's well-being.

Join us in our mission to create a greener, healthier world, one lawn at a time. Explore exciting career opportunities with us and be part of a team dedicated to enhancing the beauty of our community while preserving its natural beauty.

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